When Alzheimer’s upends the relationship between Anna-Riitta and her youngest son Lars, he grasps at a last chance to understand a little-discussed chapter of his mother’s life. He asks her about a provocative collection of WWII snapshots that show her socializing with officers of the German Luftwaffe, during the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union, but gets no satisfying answers. Then when Lars’ elder sister Anneli arrives to get Anna-Riitta’s signature on a ‘life-certificate’ for her Danish pension, the impact of her disease is plain. In documenting Lars’ efforts to keep a connection with his mother alive, i live In Life ponders the question, who are we if we don’t remember who we are?

The film started as a 1-minute experimental documentary entitled What If? made for a class in the MFA program at City College.

In Danish, “i live” means ‘alive’, and the words translate literally to ‘in life’.

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