Three… is a magic number

I submitted the film to two more festivals this morning. The Mill Valley International Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival. Hey! you gotta be in it to win it, right? And let’s be honest, I have a much better chance of getting into the NYFF than I do winning the NY Lottery, from whom I stole that awesome slogan. So please, everybody, cross your fingers and toes!

Next batch of festival submissions…

Next up on the submissions slate: Mill Valley, California (thanks, Ken!) and the New York Film Festival. A snowball has more of a chance of cooling Satan’s martini than I do of getting in, but hey, ya gotta dream big!

Well-received at Cityvisions 2013

The film was well received at the MFA screening, and I got a lot of nice feedback from attendees. One of my professors, the director Antonio Tibalidi, said something nice:

“This is a difficult and courageous film and I admire Lars for making it.”

Thanks, Prof!

The Danielle and Larry Nyman Family Project Award

I’m ecstatic to report thatĀ i liveĀ In Life has won this year’s Nyman Family Project Award. I’m really pleased, because I know I was up against some stiff competition. Just the films of my classmates are exceptional, and the prize is open to the entire College student body.

So it’s quite an honor!

Countdown to screening

The film will have its first public screening June 1, 2013, at the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway. I’m really excited to see how people who are seeing it for the first time react to the film. I’ve been living with it for so long I’m getting a bit numb to it. I’m happy to have a few days before the screening to sort of hit the reset button.

I hope they love it, of course, but I expect I’ll probably be making some adjustments to it afterwards. Then it will festival submission time.

After that, I will be writing grant proposals for a feature length film on this same topic. There was a lot of material I had to leave out for the film to work in this short format.