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Mile High leaving the Mile High City

Denver was great. The Starz Denver Film Festival was great! They took great care of us filmmakers and screened some amazing films. I got to see a bunch. They were all good, but Wild Canaries and Tomorrow We Disappear really stood out! Do keep an eye for them, see them if you can!

#SDFF37 Badge

#SDFF37 Badge

I got some more great news while I was at the festival. “i live In Life” has been accepted at the Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival!

Thanks for everything Denver! I hope to be back soon!

Sunset over the Rockies

Sunset over the Rockies


After over thirty rejections, i live In Life has been accepted to its first big festival! It will screen in the Starz Denver Film Festival as part of the First Look Student Film Program. The Festival runs from Nov. 12 to 23d, and as I get more details of the festival schedule, I’ll post it. Check the Screenings page for updates!

Let’s hope this signals the turning of the tide! I’m still waiting to hear from several more festivals!

Ixnay from D K

Ah, woe betide…. CPH:DOX, a festival I was really hoping to be in, declined i live In Life.

That’s a bummer, make no mistake. But I’ve submitted to another half-dozen fests, and i’m still submitting. Thessaloniki is next!

Good News, Bad News…

Hewing to convention, the bad news first:

The Mill Valley Film Festival declined i live In Life. They “appreciated the opportunity to see the film but regret that we were unable to find a place for it in this year’s program.” As much as I try to remind myself that I’d be lucky if I have to submit to only fifty festivals for even one acceptance, I can’t help feeling some disappointment. Oh well. Onwards!

Now, for the good news: i live In Life played last Saturday at the Katra Film Series Special Edition. One of a slate of a seven short films, it was voted best film of the evening! That was really nice.

This means the film will be included in the Annual Katra grand finale and compete for real prizes!

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my many friends and supporters who came to the show. You know who you are! THANK YOU! I don’t know when the finale will be, but if you’re in the NYC area, do consider coming. Your votes could make all the difference!

Ding, ding, ding….

I knew this day was coming. I’ve gotten my first reply from a film festival, in this case the Venice Bienale. Did I get in? No. I received instead a very courteous ‘ding‘. I feel a bit like I’m back in high school waiting for college acceptance letters.

Kudos to the festival organizers, for having the decency to send me notice. I wasn’t so lucky with You Win Some, You Lose Some, which I submitted to a clutch of fests, and I don’t think any of them sent me notice that they’d turned me down. Coney Island Film festival, I’m talking about you (and 4 or 5 others!)

Here’s the nice letter, which they sent as a PDF so I can print it out and mount it in a nice decorative frame. Not.
letter Venice festival 70 DING

I’m sure this is but the first of many, so it’s just as well I make a start of getting used to it.